Robin Tanamachi

Robin Tanamachi hiking in Boulder Canyon in 2008

Robin Tanamachi hiking in Boulder Canyon in 2008

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  1. Hay Robin, how’s it going?
    Left a mean reply on your youtube moore tornado. 😛 Trying to point out that 1.3mi wide
    is INSANE for them to say. Anyone can see it started out as a narrow trunk and maxed
    at like 0.5 to 0.75 IN Moore. Course I also think that it was an F4 not 5. 😛

    But mainly wanted to tell you that a high res version of “Rasmussen Lights”, formerly
    Nimbus Lobe Lights, is on youtubes.

    And Sunday was a better day than Monday:

    Take care, watch out this week, gonna be more around.
    BTW, I think your dopplers should have painted on the side,
    😉 getting really bad out there.

    Neal Rasmussen but don’t post. Don’t want a ton of theives into it.

    • Hi Neal – Glad to hear you’re okay! Haven’t seen you since Alanreed, TX on Earth Day 2010. Nice vids from 5/19. People got hurt in those tornadoes too, and I’m worried that they’re being forgotten in the aftermath of 5/20. Speaking of which, I’m not sure how the damage survey team was supposed to conclude the Moore tornado was less than 1.3 miles wide when there were damage indicators that far apart. (The results of the survey are publicly available here, btw: )

      Stay safe out there!

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